Producător: EVS
Cod produs: 212045-3041
2.475 LEI 3.465 LEI

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Orteze EVS Axis Pro

EVS have really focused on knee comfort with this model. The Axis Pro braces are made ​​of aluminum, which provides a sturdy and reinforced construction. The knees are lined with a Thermo Fit Liner, which conforms to the shape of the leg providing an outstanding fit. Guaranteed to fit better than anything you've tried before!

The knee braces are equipped with Dual Defense knee cups providing you with full protection in all positions whilst a Perfect Form-Fit frame made of impact resistant carbon fibre and reinforced aluminum hinges that provide superior impact protection and stable knee support.

Knee braces are one of the most important pieces of protection in motocross when an injured knee can result in months of no riding. EVS Axis Pro braces are unique protective gear with a self-supporting aluminiumled creating a design with a very low profile. This in turn provides you with incredibly lightweight, flexible, and above all; high quality kneepads.

EVS would like to introduce a brand new knee protector! The industry's first aluminum and carbon fibre construction.

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