Producător: Sidi
Cod produs: 52382-235
2.272 LEI

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The legendary Crossfire from Italian Sidi has continued to develop, and of course for the better! With more awards won than any other MX boot on the market, crossfire assures you that you really get what you pay for!

The improvements are many, but one of the most discussed ones is the system at the ankle that prevents hyperextension. The sole has got a new design that is more rounded, in order for the foot to be embraced for better comfort and safety.
Of course the best features fro the Crossfire 2 is tagging along with this model, too!

- Exterior steel cap
- New system for hyperextension prevention, both on the inside and outside of the boot
- New Dovetail rubber sole with strong permanent toe and heel parts, while the center sole is easily replaceable with four screws
- New adjustment at the ankle depending on your size and what kind of knee protection you're wearing
- Strong protection on the inside of the boot for increased grip and protection against the bike
- Adjustable straps for the boot to fit perfectly
- Good ventilation thanks to teflon mesh inside the boot, which prevents sweat and moisture from being absorbed

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