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The 550 boot is the end result of combining technical lab engineering with vigorous on track testing. Focusing on the demands of riders we have employed new innovations to enhance the mobility, comfort and overall responsiveness. Constructed in Italy, the light weight design incorporates important features that heighten performance while warranting safety and durability.


The free open entrance allows the boot to open from both the lateral and the medial sides of the leg. This accommodates a broad range of calf sizes and enables exceptionally fast and easy entry or removal. The two piece system permits riders to adjust the tightness and tension around the entire leg without creating unwanted twisting of the boot or pressure points along the buckle closers.


Located on the boot to fit directly over the malleolus, the Multi Axial Pivot is designed to automatically align with the anatomy of the rider. This allows the boot to more closely match the natural movement of the ankle, while still providing ample protection against over flexion.


The flexibility of the flex calf joint permits the boot to comfortably form to different leg shapes and increases the overall compression of the boot.

For added versatility the outsole can easily be changed to accommodate different riding types. This option also increases the durability and longevity of the boots.


Constructed to simplify the closing and opening of the boot, the Easy Locking Buckles can be fastened/unfastened with minimal effort. With only the use of thumb and forefinger the aluminum buckle easily hooks into the steel ring without the need of any additional force. Once closed, the contouring shape of the buckles increases safety by preventing accidental unfastening.

The Rubber Grip Guard incorporates a thin layer of soft vulcanized rubber over a large surface area on the inside of the calf. This design increases a rider’s ability to feel and respond to the pressure and movements he or she applies to the bike. The added sensitivity allows for a reduction in the lateral force against the bike, resulting in decrease in muscle fatigue.

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