Casca JUST1 J12 PRO Racer Blue-Carbon

Producător: Moose Racing
Cod Rapid 5487
1.707 LEI

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Casca JUST1 J12 PRO Racer Blue-Carbon

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JUST1 (J12): Precision fit and advanced technology

Just1 helmet was developed and designed with the primary goals of creating the safest and
most comfortable motocross helmet for a rider. Perfect fit is the essential element in
helmet performance. The finest and technically advanced materials are used in the
production of just1 helmets. The external shell is made of full carbon fiber.
This makes the helmet extremely rigid and incredibly light weight.
Just1 has two exterior shell sizes ensuring proper fit to weight ratio for safety and

- The inner shell dimension (EPS foam and lightweight high impact absorption) is scaled to
fit every size of the shell.
- Just1 has two interior EPS sizes.
- ECE Homologation.
- Helmet weight from 1100 GR. +/- 50 GR.

JUST1 (J12): Air Tech

Ventilation is essential. With mouth and eyebrow massive and multiple air vents system.
Just1 is designed to maximize airflow to your head. Tried and tested ventilation that
allows for proper extraction of heat from the helmet. Allowing for a cooler ride in even
warm weather conditions. Attention was also paid to the mental membrane integrated on the
chin air vent. Which makes it less likely that rubble and flying debris could penetrate
those areas.

JUST1 (J12): Innerlining

The exclusive inner linings of the just1 helmets are made with breathable materials that
incorporate an anti microbial hygienic treatment. The liner is fully removable and
The liner was designed in conjuction with the clavicle flair to make the helmet easy to
put on. It allows the user to focus closely on the fit of the crown portion of the helmet

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