Casca Airoh Commander CONCRETE Grey Matt

Producător: Airoh
Cod Rapid 861
1.444 LEI

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Casca Airoh Commander CONCRETE Grey Matt

Informatii detaliate

Alege-ți traseul, Commander se va adapta oricărui scenariu.

Designul său inovator vă permite să vă schimbați cu ușurință drumul, viziera si cozorocul putand fi demontate pentru versatilitate atat pe off-road cat si pe sosea.

Choose your route, Commander will adapt to any scenario.

Its innovative design lets you easily change its nature, passing from the peak and visor combination for use on any terrain, to the naked mode without peak and with the visor for road speed.

To test yourself in an arduous off road route, you can change it to use it without its visor.

All the latest innovation made by Airoh in terms of design and technology come together in the Commander, to redefine the standards and achieve performance levels that others cannot match: HPC (High Performance Composite), Extra Wide visor with integrated Sun Screen Visor, Pinlock® lens included, aerodynamic peak, three-zone ventilation, Bluetooth-ready, outer shells in two sizes and a range of striking graphics.

Full Carbon 3K

HPC (High performance composite)

From 1370 g ±50 g (only for Full Carbon graphic)

From 1430 g ±50 g (other graphics)

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