Armura Leatt 2.5 Royal Navy/ Red/ White

Producător: LEATT
Cod Rapid 4910
528 LEI


Armura Leatt 2.5 Royal Navy/ Red/ White

Informatii detaliate

Leatt’s 2.5 Talon provides exceptional protection at a fantastic price.

The unique perforated 3DF foam provides fantastic shock absorption and, combined with the air vents, helps to wick away moisture and sweat and creates a comfortable and ventilated riding experience.

- Chest protection meets the highest safety requirements: CE 14021
- Integrated multi-layer protection provides support on the sides and lower ribs
- Leatt’s 3DF foam lining on the chest and back provides shock absorption
- The protection is designed to be able to be worn both over and under the jersey
- The 3DF foam is perforated which contributes to the ventilation of the protection
- The hard shell protector is made of tough HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)
- Compatible with neck protector but not approved by the new 2018 FIM rules regarding the use of neck protector

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