Producător: Alpinestars
Cod produs: 2910-4654
Disponibilitate: 2 - 5 Zile
190 LEI
Preturile Includ T.V.A.

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„ Poly-fabric construction is lightweight, moisture-wicking and durable
„ Cut longer in the rear area for compatibility with Alpinestars' MX pants
„ Stretch collar neck construction for fit and comfort
„ Fade resistant sublimated graphics
„ Fitted wrist cuffs for optimized fit.
„ Available in international sizes S-2XL
„ Racer Braap – Graphic and Designs
„ Clean lines and bright designs
„ Strong powerful color palettes to match factory bikes
„ Interesting juxtaposition of Alpinestars logo and ‚ASTARSça new look for this season
„ Bold statement – the large ‚ASTARS‛ logo across legs and shirt
„ Use of ‚63‛ – referring to the year the company was created (by Sante Mazzarolo


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