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Disponibilitate: 2 - 5 Zile
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Casca Shoei MX VFX-W Color White

Marimi Disponibile:S=55-56, M=57-58, L=59-60

Shoei VFX-W

In off road circles, the Shoei VFX-W motocross helmet is the big Kahuna. Arai may rule the asphalt, but the Shoei VFX-W is the most coveted helmet on dirt. It's the one racers will wear for less (or no) endorsement, the one that other brands study when they make their helmets, and the best selling high end helmet.
Shoei did not achieve this by price, cutting corners, or by accident. More than "good gear", the VFX-W is an impressive product, along the lines of premium ski boots, autos, electronic devices, etc. From the moment you take it out of the box, it screams quality. The design is beautiful, the materials top shelf, and the finishing new flawless. We're not exaggerating.
The styling of the helmet is central to this. Shoei is willing to add contours to their shells and the lines of the VFX-W are art. From every angle the VFX just looks bad ass.
But there is more to a helmet than styling. The Shoei VFX-W features Shoei's "EQRS" Emergency Quick Release System (video here). During incidents where the rider may be seriously injured. the EQRS system that allows medical personnel to pull a tab on the side of the helmet, releasing the cheekpads, so the helmet can be removed more easily, lessening the chance of further injury.
There is serious effort into making the VFX worthy. Safety, styling, fit, ventilation, finishing, comfort, weight (3.34 lbs for a size L).....everything just works. We know we have laid on the superlatives a little thick. But certain pieces of gear are so cool, so well made, they transcend the static items they are, and get you fired up to ride. This is one.
  • AIM+ Shell Construction
  • Dual-Layer EPS Liner
  • V-430 "Sleek" Visor
  • 3D Max-Dry Liner System
  • Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS)
  • Ventilation System
  • Shoei products can only be shipped to U.S. customers


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