Producător: Alpinestars
Cod produs: 326405
Disponibilitate: 2 - 5 Zile
475 LEI 571 LEI
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• Recommended Buy verdict from RIDE magazine 
• Storm cuff protection with enough space for bulky gloves 
• Zip and Velcro ankle overflaps 
• Quick change labyrinth zip 
• Converts into bum bag carry pouch 
• High Visibility panels

Alpinestars El Nino: The waterproof oversuit against torrential downpours you can rely on. Ride magazine recommended, this is the ultimate motorcycle rain suit from the Italian motorcycle clothing manufacturer. It is constructed down to the small and important details to seal you in for total water and wind proof protection when it chucks it down. Clever storm cuffs and Velcro zip overflaps stop water penetration at high speeds. Excellent performance!

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